Board of Directors 2019-20

Jane Sinclair
General Manager, Health and Emergency Services,
The Corporation of the County of Simcoe

Chair, Community Services Sector Representative 

Soo Ching Kikuta

Director, Resident Care & Services, City of Toronto 
Long-Term Care Homes & Services

Vice-Chair, Municipal Sector Representative

Lawrence Grant
Executive Director, The Glebe Centre Inc.
Treasurer, Member-at-Large 
Jane Joris
General Manager, County of Lambton –
LTC Division

Past Chair

Michele Harris

Director of Homes and Seniors Services, Elgin County
Region 1 Representative

Margaret Lambert

Administrator, Upper Canada Lodge
Region 2 Representative

To be confirmed 

William Krever

Chief Executive Officer, Victoria Village Manor
Region 4 Representative
Sue Graham-Nutter

Chief Executive Officer, The Rekai at Wellesley Central Place
Region 5 Representative

Debbie Rollins

Administrator/Director of Long Term Care, 
Hastings Manor Long Term Care Facility

Region 6 Representative

Ted Cohen

CEO, The Bess and Moe Greenberg Family-Hillel Lodge
Region 7 Representative

Jamie Lowery

Chief Executive Officer, Cassellholme East
Nipissing District Home for the Aged

Region 8 Representative

Lee Mesic
Administrator, Pioneer Ridge Home for the Aged
Region 9 Representative

Akos Hoffer 

Chief Executive Officer, Perley and Rideau Veterans' 
Health Centre

Charitable Sector Representative

Connie Lacy

Director of Seniors Services, Regional Municipality 
of Waterloo

Housing Sector Representative

David Wormald

President, St. Joseph's Health Centre, Guelph

Lisa Levin

Chief Executive Officer
AdvantAge Ontario