Association Staff

Lisa Levin
Chief Executive Officer
ext. 230
Contact for government relations

Debbie Humphreys

Senior Director, Corporate and Public Affairs
ext. 233
Contact for communications/media relations

Shilpi Majumder
Director of Public Policy
ext. 237
Contact for health policy, public policy, quality improvement, and Policy Exchange

Sally Smith

Director of Operations
ext. 222

Amit Joshi
Director, IT and Data Analytics
ext. 245
Contact for Benchmarking Service and financial policy

Chris Noone
Manager, Communications and Member Services
ext. 253
Contact for membership and member services and programs

Stuart Sweeney
Education Manager
ext. 240
Contact for annual Convention, Administrator Leadership Program, and other education events.

Sarah Le Monnier
Manager, Financial Policy
ext. 229

Danielle Pineda
Policy Analyst
ext. 244
Contact for LTC homes compliance/enforcement, legislation, and policy; professional services/interdisciplinary care; and resident care/relations

Christal Huang
Policy Analyst
ext. 238
Contact for housing and supportive housing

Richard DeCaires
Data Analyst
ext. 241
Contact for Benchmarking Service

Rose Gargano
Executive Assistant, CEO
ext. 223

Valerie Di Bratto

Education Coordinator & Policy and Program Analyst
ext. 228

Connie Minicucci
Administrative Assistant, Database Management
ext. 234
Contact for website password and member record updates

Diana Zampolin
Administrative Assistant, Finance
ext. 231

Olivia Rotundo
Administrative Assistant, Member Services
ext. 246
Contact for newsletter advertising

Bonny Petrovsky

Administrative Assistant, Operations
ext. 200