Our Workplace and Culture

Working at AdvantAge Ontario means working with professional, driven individuals who are passionate about the work they do.

We demonstrate our core values everyday by ensuring trust and integrity in all our interactions, being equitable and empathic in our relationships and always recognizing diversity and inclusion.

Culture and Values

AdvantAge Ontario is a collaborative environment in which we all work together as a team to support and strengthen our not-for-profit members work.

We value:

> Inclusion and diversity: We strive to provide a workplace that recognizes diversity and is safe and inclusive.
> Respect: We show respect by demonstrating trust and integrity in all interactions.
> Empathy: We are empathetic and kind to our members, colleagues, and ourselves.
> Fairness: We are fair and equitable in all we do.
> Passion: We have a passion for innovation and continuous improvement and being the best, we can be.

More about inclusion and diversity: AdvantAge Ontario is committed to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of our organization. We believe we are stronger when we celebrate our many differences, values, and voices, and include them in practice. We actively work together to understand and remove barriers to equity and inclusion, whether it be systematic, physical, or otherwise. In addition, we are committed to ongoing learning and development to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in our organization and throughout the community.

Professional Development

> Performance Management Program:
Our Performance Management Program focusses on open discussion and feedback, goal-setting, professional development and career management for all employees.
> On Demand Learning: At AdvantAge Ontario we continuously strive to learn and grow.  We offer resources for learning courses and industry education.  

Our Leadership Team

> Lisa Levin, Chief Executive Officer
> Debbie Humphreys, Senior Director, Corporate and Public Affairs
> Amit Joshi, Director, IT Innovation, Data Analytics & Capital Development
> Stuart Sweeney, Director of Education
> Olivia Nero, Director of Public Policy

Our Employees Say...

Working at AdvantAge Ontario allows me the privilege to work on a number of policy issues that impact vulnerable populations the most including seniors. I’m grateful to become part of an incredibly supportive team that uplifts one another everyday even during challenging times.
- Petek Yurt

“Even after 11 plus years, it feels like I just started. Every day is an exciting new opportunity to work with an amazing team and our members. Over the last few years, the sector has gone through a lot, but I am proud to be part of the team that stood beside our members and worked hard to ensure they have all the support they need. I am honoured to work with the organization members who are a wealth of knowledge.”
- Amit A. Joshi