Caring for Seniors: A Call for Federal Leadership

Seniors’ care in Ontario — and across Canada — stands at a pivotal crossroads. The COVID-19 pandemic sent waves of tragedy through our sector and laid bare the dangers of pre-existing under funding, under staffing and over regulation.

The sector as a whole sorely needs significant reform to transform into a properly resourced, people-centred provider of care to seniors and vulnerable adults — and Canadians understand that the need for action is urgent. Public expectations for change in the sector are at an all-time high.

Urgent federal leadership on this issue is imperative. Seniors’ care and aging populations are issues in every province, and there is a need for significant standalone investment. With an aging population, federal partnership with the provinces is critical.

With a federal election anticipated this year, it is imperative that each party respond to this challenge with a set of policies and commitments that would help the provinces and territories achieve transformational change in LTC. Change cannot occur without a substantive federal commitment to lead, partner and invest in care for seniors. Our new report, Caring for Seniors: A Call for Federal Leadership, outlines five platform commitments for federal parties this pending election.