2021-22 Provincial Budget Submission

The Time Is Now: Building a Stronger Seniors’ Care System for Today and Transforming it for Tomorrow
2021-22 Provincial Budget Submission

The seniors’ care sector continues to be the hardest hit sector of the COVID-19 pandemic, with long-term care (LTC) remaining at the epicentre of this crisis. More than 3,245 of the 5,568 deaths in Ontario were residents or staff in LTC homes, and there have been 496 COVID-19 outbreaks in LTC homes as of mid-January.

We are thankful for the significant investments that the government has made to support the LTC sector during the first wave and into this second wave, but the pandemic is far from over, and more must be done immediately to ensure that our sector can meet the continued challenges of COVID-19 while keeping residents safe and delivering the high-quality care they deserve.

In our 2021-22 Provincial Budget Submission, we outline the priority investments that must be included in the 2021 Ontario Budget to continue to support the LTC sector during COVID-19.

Our 12 recommendations are grouped under three key themes:

1. Delivering Better Care to LTC Residents
2. Creating Safer Spaces for Seniors
3. Improving Capacity in Seniors’ Care Settings

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2021-22 Provincial Budget Submission