2022-23 Provincial Pre-Budget Submission

Fulfilling the Pledge: Transforming Seniors’ Care
2022-23 Provincial Pre-Budget Submission

Transformative change is urgently needed for seniors’ care in Ontario, underscored by the ongoing threat of COVID-19. The government’s commitment to four hours of daily care per resident, to 30,000 new beds, and the new Not-for-Profit Loan Guarantee Program will change thousands of lives for the better. But it is just the beginning of the journey.  

We must keep going to deliver generational change that makes Ontario truly the best place to grow old.  

Our new 2022-23 Provincial Budget Submission contains 31 recommendations, grouped under the following four themes, that must be included in the next Ontario Budget in order to transform seniors' care.
1. Better Care for Seniors
2. More Hands-On Care
3. Building and Transforming for Tomorrow’s Seniors
4. Pandemic-Proofing Seniors’ Care

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