Bridging the Gap: Opportunities to Address Seniors' Supported Housing Needs in Ontario

As our seniors population continues to grow, so do their needs. The system of housing and supports to address these needs is essentially a continuum where a range of differing options exists to respond to varying needs.

Independent seniors have largely been the target of the private market, which has responded with supply options that tend to be more accessible to those in the middle- and upper-income brackets. Seniors who rely on accommodation and 24/7 supports in a long-term care (LTC) environment are dependent on these services, and the public sector has largely been responsible for responding to these supply needs.

However, for seniors that fall between these points on the continuum, there is a sizable supply gap in terms of pre-LTC housing options. Overcoming this gap is the focus of our most recent issue paper: Bridging the Gap: Opportunities to Address Seniors’ Supported Housing Needs in Ontario.

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