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VeriWipe Antiseptic and Disinfectant Wipes
Red Maple Medical Solutions

VeriWipe offers a comprehensive and complimentary suite of antiseptic and disinfectant wipes to ensure a verified clean environment. Both our antiseptic and disinfectant wipes deactivate bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses.

Unlike disinfectants that were repurposed from household cleaning use, we designed VeriWipe from the ground up. We used simple formulae with safe-to-handle active ingredients that have proven efficacy against bacteria, viruses, and specifically coronaviruses.

VeriWipe comes in two varieties: Hand & Skin Antiseptic and Multi-Surface Disinfectant. Each type is offered in three sizes of single sachets, 15-sheet travel pack, and 50-sheet pack.

Ashkan Omidi
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