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UVC Smart 3.0
Spenergy Certified Solutions Inc.

We provide an automated, 24/7 disinfectant system using UVC that is monitored wirelessly 24/7 with controls to provide continuous sanitation and or up to 72 x 5-10 disinfectant cycles killing all bacteria, pathogens, mould, and fungus, including COVID-19. Our automated UVC solutions  kill all airborne and surface micro-organisms, and utilizes smart sensors to detect human presence. The unit will cycle once the area is free and clear of any human presence. In large open spaces we use e photohydroioinzation (PHI) technology that creates hydroperoxides.

We do not sell the system, but we provide a sanitation as a service (SaaS) rental program that provides 24/7 monitoring with no capital outlay. We charge monthly per square foot for a three-year agreement. We install the system and provide maintainance, a warranty, and an audit trail.


Gib Wood
Spenergy Certified Solutions Inc.