LTC Funding and Reporting in 2021: What’s New, What’s Necessary

Unique Education for the LTC Sector!

LTC Funding and Reporting in 2021: What’s New, What’s Necessary
New Start Date: October 5, 7 and October 14, 2021
9:00AM-12:30PM, all 3 days

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No home can afford to be out of the loop on current practices, updates or expected changes related to Ontario’s long-term care funding and reporting procedures. Advantage Ontario guides you through it with insight directly from Ministry and member home representatives and experts. Whether you’re new to long-term care financial management or are an experienced manager keen to enhance your knowledge, don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity for the only education of its kind in Ontario. We’ll cover everything from preparing and reporting a budget to board, to best practices, to impacts of COVID-19 on provincial funding policies and Ministry direction on staffing reports. Get your questions answered and demystify requirements for this key operational area.

Day 1
LTC Funding and Reporting Processes: Essentials and Updates
New Date: Tuesday, October 5, 2021
9:00am – 12:30pm
  • Understand Level of Care funding envelopes and other long-term care funding sources, including the COVID-19 Emergency Measures Funding Policy.
  • Find out about Ministry of Long-Term Care’s new approach to directions for staffing data collection and reporting.
  • Stay updated about the Resident Co-Payment and Rate Reduction Program and learn about the process one member home uses for budget reporting to its board.

Mark Schroter, Team Lead, Funding and Programs Branch, Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care;
Meg Litchfield, Senior Policy Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care;
Abonti Mukherjee, Policy Analyst, Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care;
Dave Kearns, Divisional Controller, Long-Term Care, County of Simcoe;
Shannon Honsberger, Senior Policy Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care

Day 2 
Connecting the Dots: The Effective Use of RAI and CMI Data
Thursday, October 7, 2021
9:00am – 12:30pm

  • Review the Case Mix Index (CMI) and learn about an AdvantAge Ontario application that can help your home forecast its CMI.
  • Get practical insights from a member home on how to work with Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) data and how to calculate your home’s CMI.
  • Gain an understanding of data available from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) as well as other products and services long-term care homes can access for analytic and improvement purposes.

Saul Melamed, Manager, Client Affairs Ontario, Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI);
Margaret Mao, Manager (A), Health Sector Models Branch, Ministry of Health;
Ying Liu, Senior Methodologist, Health Sectors Models Branch, Hospitals and Capital Division, Ministry of Health,
Melissa Norman, Manager, Quality Improvement and RAI, The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre;
Feroz Masjidi, Manager of Funding Policy, AdvantAge Ontario

Day 3
The Annual Reporting Process and Managing Bad Debt
Thursday, October 14, 2021
9:00am – 12:30pm

  • Review the Annual Reporting process, how to reconcile bad debt and hear about the bad debt process used by a member home.
  • Understand how the LTCH Ontario Healthcare Reporting Standards (OHRS) and Management Information System (MIS) Standards work and how to use them in your reporting.
  • Learn about comparative information you can draw from your home’s annual report for budgeting, analyzing operational trends, and targeting cost-saving centres, and how AdvantAge Ontario’s benchmarking service can support that work.

Richard G. Lee, Senior Financial Analyst, Long-Term Care Homes Unit, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Long-Term Care;
Rita Yip, Business Advisor, Health Data Branch, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Long-Term Care;
Mary Young, Director of Finance & Administrator, The Glebe Centre Inc.;
Amit Joshi, Director, IT Innovation, Data Analytics and Capital Development, AdvantAge Ontario

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Meg Litchfield joined the Long-Term Care Funding and Programs Branch in May 2019. During her time in the ministry, she has worked closely on the Rate Reduction Program, including the recent initiative to exclude specified COVID-19 benefit increases and one-time payments from the 2021-22 program cycle. More recently, she has been working on wide variety of funding initiatives to support the LTC sector during COVID-19. Her areas of expertise include project and program management. Meg holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from Queen's University.

Abonti Mukherjee is a policy analyst with the Ministry of Long-Term Care and a recent graduate from the University of Toronto. Through her health policy studies and time as a co-op student at the Ministry of Transportation, she became passionate about the social determinants of health and improving access to health resources. She now employs that passion every day through her work on the Long-Term Care Rate Reduction Program, helping ensure low-income residents have access to the care they need. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing and playing video games.

“Saul Melamed has been on a self-guided tour of Ontario’s healthcare system for about 20 years.  He’s enjoyed working with hospitals, the Ministry of Health, the LHINs, Cancer Care Ontario, children’s mental health providers and now CIHI.  In his current role he’s responsible for CIHI’s Stakeholder Management in the Ontario context.  He can connect you with the relevant CIHI experts and resources to address your health information needs.”
She has joined the public sector since 2009. As a Senior Methodologist at Health Sector Models Branch at the Ministry of Health, she has brought essential technical skills in automating and improving efficiency of the current health care allocation model. As a technical lead in LTC Case Mix (CMI) portfolio, she successfully optimized the process of LTC CMI updates and created various tools to track the changes in CMI and funding impacts. In addition, she has applied data mining and SAS (Statistical Analysis System) skills in various program policy development, implementation and evaluation, and funding structure review.
Richard Lee is a Business and Fiscal Planning Advisor with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Long-Term Care. He is a CPA CMA and has over 10 years of experience administering funding to the long-term care home sector. Richard organizes the development and implementation of  the Subsidy Calculation Worksheet, Annual Reconciliation Report and Overall Reconciliation in accordance with new, discontinued and revised long-term care home financial policies. He is contacted regularly by the sector for guidance on the ministry’s long-term care home financial regulations, polices and processes.

Rita Yip is a Business Advisor in the Health Data Branch, Capacity Planning and Analytics Division, Ministry of Health.   She leads the enhancement of the Ontario Healthcare Reporting Standards (OHRS) related to Long Term Care Homes.  The OHRS provides a framework to collect financial and statistical data based on provincial information needs.  Rita is a Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Business Continuity Professional, and has years of experience working with various health datasets and data standards.

Mary has worked as Director of Finance at the Glebe Centre for thirty years. She has completed lots of different reports for the province over the years, but never saw as many as she did in the past year! Mary will share some tips on how she organizes/summarizes her monthly information to make year end reporting a little easier.