COVID-19 Education Recordings

Keep it Out: COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control (Recorded on May 28, 2020)
Learn from two different perspectives about the detailed requirements for a sound approach to infection prevention and control, with special attention to COVID-19. Infection control experts will speak on the theory behind infection prevention and control in public health, as well as how to put that into practice to keep residents safe and COVID-19 out of your home. You’ll hear from Madeline Ashcroft of Public Health Ontario and Jane Sinclair, General Manager for Health and Emergency Services in Simcoe County.

COVID-19: Understanding the Implications for HR and Labour Relations (Recorded on May 26, 2020)
As Ontario works towards flattening the COVID-19 curve and reopening, long-term care homes continue to experience the most significant changes and serious impacts of this crisis. This is especially the case when it comes to managing the staffing and human resources concerns which have accompanied the pandemic. Join this webinar to discuss many of the most pressing issues including employee rights and protections, pandemic pay, employee testing, workplace health and safety, personal protective equipment, and more. A toolkit will also be shared for assessing and supporting absent healthcare workers’ return to work.

Vigilant and Ready: Outbreak Management during COVID-19 (Recorded on May 21, 2020)
Long-term care homes have become the epicentre of COVID-19. In the absence of a vaccine, it is critical to have robust plans in place to prevent further outbreaks and mitigate their spread, should they occur. We’re in this together – the best way to learn is from the experiences of colleagues. In this webinar, members from York Region, Yee Hong Centre, and Hillsdale Terrace – one of the first homes to handle an outbreak and clear it – will each share how they’ve contained COVID-19 and worked to keep it out of their homes. You’ll hear specifics on creating preparedness plans, steps for containing an outbreak among residents, among staff, and get insight into the infection prevention and control measures other homes are using.

Providing Compassionate and Appropriate Palliative Care During COVID-19 (Recorded on May 19, 2020)

Addressing palliative care needs, and providing compassionate and appropriate care at the end of life is essential, especially in the context of COVID-19. Representatives from the Ontario Palliative Care Network (OPCN) will walk you through tools and resources to guide and support long-term care homes in the provision of palliative and end-of-life care for residents. Clinicians with experience working in long-term care homes will share practical approaches for addressing palliative care needs in the context of COVID-19, and will help to answer your questions.

Handling Media Requests During COVID-19 (Recorded on May 14, 2020)

Ontario’s long-term care sector has been a media focus during COVID-19, creating an imperative for homes to respond while simultaneously meeting unprecedented operational demands. Media training coach Warren Weeks is here to help. He will discuss LTC-specific best practices for handling reporters’ requests, how to quickly craft key messages, and successfully navigate a media interview under stressful circumstances. Warren will also share clips of media coverage and approaches used by different homes across the country to understand how these lessons apply in a practical setting in the midst of the ongoing crisis.