Designing the Long-Term Care Home for COVID and Beyond

Monday, August 31, 2020 | 2:00pm – 4:00pm 

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We’ve seen through the pandemic how a long-term care home’s design can acutely influence its ability to prevent and respond to infection outbreaks. But design also affects many other important elements of LTC living. Whether you’re building new, redeveloping, or thinking about adaptations to your existing building, this webinar will equip you with essential knowledge and fresh ideas to consider as you plan. We’ll have a detailed discussion of current design standards and recent changes, what they could mean for your home, and the less understood role of mechanical engineering. Learn about the influence of design on infection control and alternative design approaches that also address other aspects of resident well-being, such as smaller clustered settings. Examples of the impact of design during the pandemic’s spring surge will be reviewed and the implications of provincial funding announcements will be discussed. Bring all your questions for the final part of this timely session. 


Kevin Cassidy
, National Healthcare Lead, WSP in Canada;
Matt Galvin
, Partner and Architect, G Architects;
Diane C. Anderson
 Licensed Architect and Board-Certified Healthcare Architect, Dochitect,

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