LTC Leaders: Techniques for Encouraging Mindfulness in your Team

October 29, November 12 and 26 | 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Free 3-part webinar series specifically for LTC supervisors and managers 

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The mental health and well-being of your team is a priority as long-term care homes rise to meet the challenge of COVID-19’s second wave. Building on the success of our popular mindfulness webinars, this separate series will show long-term care leaders how to model, share and integrate mindfulness techniques into their regular staff interactions, such as morning meetings or rounds. Trish Tutton, our mindfulness coach and facilitator for both series, will provide tips and tools for incorporating these practices to help team members manage their anxiety, reduce negativity and stay compassionate towards themselves and those around them during a demanding time. Whether you are participating in the longer series or not, these bite-sized, half-hour sessions will teach you:

  • Short, simple and actionable ways for exploring mindfulness with your team members
  • How and when you can model and guide this behaviour as a leader 
  • The importance of being open to exploring and deepening your understanding of these methods together

Trish Tutton

I'm on a mission...
to create calmer, happier workplaces and employees.
I am at my best when I work with progressive people and organizations who understand that the well-being of their staff, directly influences the well-being of their bottom line.
I'm a facilitator, speaker and coach who is extremely passionate about what I do.

After years working in cultures where stress and burnout were seemingly the only way to success Trish suffered a shocking loss and things became clear: stress is unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to dictate our lives. Trish has taught simple skills to live and work happier to thousands of professionals, and has created positive change for her clients to become happier, more productive, effective and successful without the busy badge of honour.

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