The Big Build: Funding Capital Projects Part 2 - Webinar Series

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Your capital project is underway or you expect it to be in the next couple of years. Congratulations! It’s an exciting time but you’ll need a firm grasp of each stage’s unique requirements to make the right choices for your home and budget.  

In this special 4-part webinar series, our experts will help you be better informed and avoid costly pitfalls by guiding you through these important phases in the process:  

  • Understanding the Legal Documents in Construction Development 
  • Designing Right  
  • Writing Your RFP 
  • Determining Your Project Costs 

Webinar 1
Wednesday, February 26
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

  Understanding Legal Documents in Construction Development
Before you read the fine print, it’s important to know what to look for. Become familiar with common legal documents and tools to help you understand and work with them. This session is most useful for long term care homes and seniors’ housing providers who are ready to embark on the construction phase of their project. 

> Gain an understanding of the suite of legal documents commonly used in construction development.
> Get suggestions and advice on what to know about legal documents from member homes currently involved in capital developments. 
> Find out about document templates and other helpful resources for the construction stage available in AdvantAge Ontario’s Capital Development Toolkit. 

Karima Kanani,Partner, Miller Thomson LLP; 
Drazen Bulat, 
Partner, Miller Thomson LLP;
John Goldrick, 
Director, Cost Management, Turner & Townsend

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Webinar 2
Tuesday, March 3
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

  Design It Right: Requirements and Choices
Ready to get started? Get clear and current information around design choices that support your commitment to service quality, meeting provincial standards, and creating a place residents can call home You’ll learn the vital first steps to a successful cost-efficient project and how to keep it that way. 
> Review the standards and guidelines critical for any development project as described in the Long-Term Care Home Design Manual, 2015.
>Recognize what is functional programming, why it is a necessary first step, and the flexibility homes may have around these essential considerations. 
>Learn how to create a realistic construction budget, and why it’s needed before engaging an architect for a full scope of services.
>Discuss how to stay on budget and design approaches to “the triple constraint,” posed by the competing priorities of quality, efficiency and construction cost, while never losing sight of the goal of putting residents first.
>Explore relevant AdvantAge Ontario tools and hear directly from others who have used design approaches presented in this webinar. 

Andrew Rodrigues,Senior Project Manager, Colliers Project Leaders; 
Surya Pulickal, Senior Advisor, Colliers Project Leaders;  
Barbara Miszkiel, Director of Health, Canada, HDR; 

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Webinar 3
Friday, March 13

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

  Writing the RFP and Defining Your Requirements
It’s time to hire consultants and other service providers who can help you take your project into high gear. Defining your requirements will ensure you get exactly the services you need from the person best-equipped to provide them. Learn how to prepare an accurate RFP, clearly express the distinct outcomes you’re seeking, and evaluate the submissions.  

> Learn how to clearly define your required outcomes and properly scope out your request.
>Understand the difference between the outcome you want and the tactics a consultant may use to achieve it and when to be prescriptive about those tactics.  
>Find out how to set up an RFP for easy evaluation by the responding consultant/organization.
>Review helpful templates and tools for the RFP stage provided by AdvantAge Ontario’s Capital Development Toolkit.
>Get tips on the RFP process from members who have been successful with it.

Carolyn Clubine,Healthcare and Non-Profit Management Consultant; 
Steve Lough, 
Managing Director, Lough Barnes Consulting Group Inc.;
Abdel Al-Sharif, 
Consultant, Lough Barnes Consulting Group Inc.;
Craig Newsome, 
MMMC Architects;
Bill Krever, 
Chief Executive Officer, Victoria Village; 
Jennifer Banks, 
Administrator, St. Peter’s Residence at Chedoke; 
Renee Guder, 
Chief Executive Officer, Shalom Village 

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Webinar 4
Tuesday, March 24
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

  Ready to Dig: Essentials for Construction Cost and Project Management
It’s time to get a builder and put shovels in the ground! Learn how to set up the construction phase of your project for success. Understand the tendering process for construction, other cost considerations that may arise during the tendering or build process, and how to deal with the inevitable changes once construction is underway. 

> Review key elements of a successful project, including setting a realistic project budget and testing it as you work through the design process. 
> Learn about the benefits of different procurement approaches to choose what’s best for your project, whether that’s via a CCDC2 contract or Construction Management CCDC5b. 
> Get insight into managing changes, deciding who will be responsible for identifying and responding to changes (you or your contractor), and how to feed them back into the budget. 
> Define communication expectations between you and your contractor during the construction process and what each party’s roles and responsibilities should be. 
> Hear about potential scenarios that may arise during construction and how you might respond to them, specifically using the recently completed City of Toronto Redevelopment project, as an example. 

John Goldrick, Director, Cost Management, Turner & Townsend
Riaz Shaikh, Manager, Environmental Services LTC, City of Toronto 


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