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LTC Funding & Reporting: What's New, What's Necessary (October 2020)

Members: $205 | Non-Members: $290

What are the latest changes to funding and reporting? How has COVID-19 affected provincial funding policy? Where is the Ministry headed on staffing reports? Whether you’re new to long-term care financial management or an experienced manager looking to enhance your knowledge, don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to get the most up-to-date information on long-term care funding and reporting requirements. The only education of its kind in Ontario, you’ll hear directly from the Ministry, as well as from other member homes and sector experts. Have your questions addressed and demystify all the processes and procedures this area requires.

Day 1 
Understanding LTC Funding and Reporting Processes

  • Understand Level of Care funding envelopes and other long-term care home funding sources, including the COVID-19 Emergency Measures Funding Policy.
  • Find out about current Ministry directions for staff reporting as well as about AdvantAge Ontario’s comparative analysis service for these reports.
  • Hear from a member home about the process it uses for budget reporting to its board.

Ifeolu Ogunyankin, Manager, Financial Policies and Procedures Unit, Funding and Programs Branch, Long-Term Care Operations Division, Ministry of Long-Term Care
Glen Moorhouse, Chief Executive Officer, Nisbet Lodge, Toronto 
Amit Joshi, Director, Information Technology and Data Analytics, AdvantAge Ontario

Day 2 

Connecting the Dots: Resident Assessment Data and Funded CMI

  • Gain an understanding of data available from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) as well as other products and services it makes available to long-term care homes for analytic and improvement purposes.
  • Review the Case Mix Index (CMI) and learn about an AdvantAge Ontario application that can help your home “forecast” its CMI.
  • Get practical insights from one member home on how to work with RAI data. 

Saul Melamed, Manager - Client Affairs Ontario, Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)
Mehul Mehta, Manager, Hospital Sector, Health Sector Models Branch, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Sean Weylie, Administrator, Allendale - Social & Community Services
Sarah Le Monnier, Manager, Financial Policy, AdvantAge Ontario

Day 3

The Annual Reporting Process and Managing Bad Debt

  • Review the Annual Reporting process, including the process to reconcile bad debt. 
  • Learn how one member home has managed bad debt. 
  • Look at comparative information you can draw from your home’s annual report for budgeting, analyzing operational trends, and targeting cost-saving centres, and how AdvantAge Ontario’s benchmarking service can support that work.

Richard G. Lee, Senior Financial Analyst, Long-Term Care Homes Unit, LHIN Support and Transaction Services, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Long-Term Care
Alfred O'Rourke, Administrator, Sherwood Park Manor, Brockville
Amit Joshi, Director, IT and Data Analytics, AdvantAge Ontario


Virtual Summer School Program (3-day package) (July - August 2020)
Members: $205 | Non-Members: $290

Virtual Summer School Curriculum
Here's a quick look at the education sessions part of the AdvantAge Ontario Virtual Summer School.
Frailty in Focus
Explore a remarkable new program -- developed by an AdvantAge Ontario member -- that both assesses and integrates a person’s frailty into their overall health picture. Join Andrea Liu to hear more about the SeeMe™ program she developed at the Perley Rideau.
Grow Your Own Personal Support Workers
Hear how rural, urban and northern seniors’ homes across Ontario are embracing the Living Classroom model, which helps to address the chronic shortage of PSWs by cultivating, connecting and educating workforce-ready graduates right in your own home. 
See the Power of Centralized Scheduling
Learn how a team of experts set up a centralized, transparent, and consistent scheduling system that helped York Region curtail vacation shortages, reduce grievances and liberate managers and nurses to focus on performance and patient care.
The CNO's Response to the Public Inquiry
The College of Nurses of Ontario embraced the judge's findings and made significant changes in the wake of her report, including substantive revisions to the CNO reporting guide. Learn more about the College’s response, and find out how the changes affect you.
Artificial Intelligence and the Delivery of Care
Learn more about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can be used in long-term care for monitoring changes in residents' health, flagging potential inspection issues, and more. 
Opening Doors for Older Adults with Challenges
Hear about the professional development program created by LOFT to help seniors' housing providers increase their capacity to accept and effectively support clients living with mental illness, addiction, dementia or responsive behaviours.
Building Shared Seniors' Accommodation in Ontario
Learn from the experiences of one nonprofit organization in working with public, private and financial partners to create novel forms of shared housing for seniors in communities across Ontario.
When Residents Stop Eating and Drinking, How Should You Respond?
Learn more about what Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED) is, and identify the ethical arguments for and against its use as an option at the end of life. We'll also review three case studies in an attempt to fully explore the challenges VSED presents to caregivers. 
Reducing Bed Rail Use Through a Multi-Home QI Program
Hear how one region's homes achieved a significant reduction in bed rail use after a compliance order triggered a quality improvement process. See the educational materials the leadership team developed, and learn the strategies they used to engage front-line caregivers. 

Coaching for Compliance: Meeting Requirements, Improving Care (November 2019)
Members: $205 | Non-Members: $290

A strong regulatory compliance program not only leads to positive inspection results, it serves as a quality improvement project that enhances the lives of long term care residents.

Get an in-depth look at the essential components of an effective compliance program and what inspectors are concerned with when they assess your home. You’ll hear how fellow AdvantAge Ontario members built their own successful programs targeting key areas and how to apply their experience to support and sustain a program at your organization.
Long-Term Care Funding and Reporting Fundamentals (September 2019)
Members: $205 | Non-Members: $290

Take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity for an in-depth look into long-term care (LTC) funding and reporting requirements. Designed for those new to LTC financial management or interested in enhancing their knowledge, this workshop is a chance to hear the most current information directly from staff at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC). Have your questions addressed and demystify the procedures and processes needed in this complex area.

Soo Ching Kikuta, Director, Resident Care & Services, City of Toronto Long-Term Care Homes & Services
Amit Joshi, Director,
IT & Data Analytics, AdvantAge Ontario
Richard G. Lee,
Senior Financial Analyst, Financial Management Branch, MOHLTC
Mehul Mehta,
Manager, Hospital Sector, Health Sector Models Branch, MOHLTC
Saul Melamed,
Manager - Client Affairs Ontario, Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)
Taslima Nasid,
Senior Financial Policy Advisor, Financial Policy and Procedures Unit, Licensing and Policy Branch, MOHLTC
Ifeolu Ogunyankin,
Team Lead, Financial Policies and Procedures Unit, Licensing and Policy Branch, MOHLTC
Speaker TBC,
Data Standards Unit, Health Data Branch, MOHLTC
Long-Term Care Governance and Leadership (May 2019)
Members Only: $205

Join us for this special session designed for not-for-profit LTC board and committee of management members. You will gain insights into the current LTC environment and understand the government’s expectations for the sector.

The session will address the following key components of LTC specifically from a governance perspective:
> Role of Governors in LTC
> Current LTC Environment
> Legal Framework – Roles and Responsibilities of LTC Directors
> Risk Management - Oversight Responsibilities
> LTC Funding Model and Future Directions
> LHIN Environment – Collaborative Governance
> Reporting Indicators for Governing Bodies

Speakers include
> Robert Morton, Senior Advisor
> Lisa Levin, CEO, AdvantAge Ontario
> Marco Deiana, DDO Health Law
> Lori Borovoy, Senior Healthcare Risk Management Specialist, HIROC
> Julie Horne, CFO and Privacy Officer, New Unionville Home Society
> Brian Swainson, Director, Long Term Care Services, The Regional Municipality of York, Community & Health Services Department
> Warren Weeks, Principal, Weeks Media

Essential Reporting Requirements for Long-Term Care Homes (October 2018)

Members: $205 | Non-Members: $290

Reporting the right information at the right time in the right way to a variety of oversight bodies is a key regulatory requirement for LTC homes and employees. The reporting imperative and the importance of making everyone at a home aware of their specific obligations has been highlighted at Ontario’s Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry, as well as the potential consequences when this does not happen.

Take advantage of this timely opportunity to refresh your knowledge and ensure your home is up-to-date on its obligations, as well as on the different reporting formats required by the range of agencies involved. Get a clear understanding of what the specific reporting requirements are for employers and for employees to Ministries, the WSIB, regulatory colleges, and the Office of the Coroner. Most sessions will be led by a representative from each of these bodies who will also be on hand to answer your questions.

Debra Cooper-Burger (Facilitator), Corporate Consultant
Stacy Colameco, Director Long-Term Care Inspections Branch, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Dr. Roger Skinner, Regional Supervising Coroner, Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario
Anne Duffy, Provincial Coordinator (Acting), Occupational Health and Safety Branch, Ministry of Labour
Mary Jane Dykeman, Partner, DDO Health Law
Nick Marotta, Manager, Employer Service Center, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
Robert Dean, Manager, Operations, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Long-Term Care Funding & Reporting Fundamentals (September 2018)

Members: $205 | Non-Members: $290

Take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity for an in-depth look into long-term care (LTC) funding and reporting requirements. Designed for those new to LTC financial management or interested in enhancing their knowledge, this workshop is a chance to hear the most current information directly from staff at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC). Have your questions addressed and demystify the procedures and processes needed in this complex area.

Lionel Towns (Facilitator), Executive Director, Fairhaven
Ifeolu Ogunyankin, Team Lead, Financial Policies and Procedures Unit, Licensing and Policy Branch, MOHLTC
Bryan Sarles, Senior Program Consultant, MOHLTC
Taslima Nasid, Senior Financial Policy Advisor, Financial Policy and Procedures Unit, Licensing and Policy Branch, MOHLTC
Richard G. Lee, Senior Financial Analyst Financial Management Branch, MOHLTC
Mehul Mehta, Manager, Hospital Sector, Health Sector Models Branch, MOHLTC
Aarthi Jaikumar, Methodologist, MOHLTC
Soo Ching Kikuta, Director, Resident Care and Services, City of Toronto Long-Term Care Homes and Services
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Webinars and Webcasts

Plotting the Path: The Master Plan (March 2021)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

A master plan starts with identifying your organization’s aspirations, thinking broadly about budget, and considering other dynamic factors that are part of the organization’s overall picture. The better this is crafted from the outset, the more effective you will be in executing. Experts who have worked with every type of organization in the LTC sector will speak to crafting a robust plan that fits your unique circumstances.

Neda Basharat, Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc.
Hacked! How to Deal with Cyber Attacks (October 2020)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

No matter how protected you think your home is against them, cyber attacks can still, and will, happen. Through this session, participants will dive more deeply into understanding how cyber attacks may unfold and what do if you are notified of an incident affecting your home.

John Heaton, Partner, Advisory, KPMG Canada;
Imran Ahmad, Partner and Data and Privacy Breach Lawyer, Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP

Protecting the Crown Jewels: Safeguarding Your Most Valuable Information Assets (October 2020)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Even if you don’t know what they are (yet), threat actors are well aware of what constitutes your organization’s most valuable information assets. Learn how to identify these crown jewels, protect them, and prepare your home’s digital infrastructure against potential threats.

John Heaton, Partner, Advisory, KPMG Canada
Christopher Petch, Cyber Risk Lead, KPMG Canada

Cyber Governance for LTC – Mitigating Your Risks (October 2020)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Relying on technology is no longer sufficient to protect your home’s data and systems from external threats. With cyber attacks becoming more common and damaging – particularly in health care -- the best line of defence is a cyber-wise workforce, with cyber-savvy leadership at every level. Through this session, you will learn the key element for creating a cyber governance plan to protect your home. 

John Heaton, Partner, Advisory, KPMG Canada
Christopher Petch, Director, Cyber Risk Lead, KPMG Canada

New Frontiers in Dining: How Technologies Can Aid Menu Planning (August 2020)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Technology has the potential to address challenges around the consistent application of up-to-date resident food preferences and requirements, while increasing resident engagement in menu planning. Join us to explore how to leverage technology in care planning, leading to a better tailored dining experience for your residents.

Jane Sinclair, General Manager, Health and Emergency Services, County of Simcoe;
Sue Graham-Nutter, CEO, The Rekai Centres;
Craig D. Eaton, Director, Business Development – Senior Living Solutions, Compass Group Canada

Menu to Table: Healthy and Practical Approaches to Meal Planning (August 2020)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

The 2019 Auditor General’s Report highlighted that long-term care menus are inadequate in recommended nutrients and that residents are commonly offered food and drinks high in sugar and sodium. Learn the challenges with menu planning and develop strategies to ensure your residents benefit from best practices and policies dedicated to food safety and quality.

Leslie Whittington-Carter,  Consultant;
Sarah Faulds, Consulting Dietitian, Owner, Urbshott Faulds Dietetics

Proactive Hydration Management in LTC (August 2020)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Dehydration is estimated to be present in nearly half of long-term care residents and was flagged in the Auditor General’s Report, given the significant risks it poses to resident health. Through this webinar, you’ll learn more about what is required, the steps to take with a hydration management program and get pointers for encouraging residents to stay hydrated.

Stacey Scaman, Corporate Dietitian, Seasons Care Dietitian Network
Maintaining Quality Food and Nutrition Even When Working Short (August 2020)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Many of the concerns about food and nutrition raised in the 2019 Auditor General’s Report are related to the ongoing difficulties many homes face with staffing shortages. This webinar will illustrate the links between the Report’s findings, recommendations and staffing and present actionable strategies for working with the staffing challenge while delivering quality food and nutrition to residents.

Carol Donovan, President, RD, Seasons Care Dietitian Network
Ready to Dig: Essentials for Construction Cost and Project Management (July 2020)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

It’s time to get a builder and put shovels in the ground! Learn how to set up the construction phase of your project for success. Understand the tendering process for construction, other cost considerations that may arise during the tendering or build process, and how to deal with the inevitable changes once construction is underway.

John Goldrick, Director, Cost Management, Turner & Townsend;
Riaz Shaikh,
Manager, Environmental Services LTC, City of Toronto
Writing the RFP and Defining Your Requirements (March 2020)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

It’s time to hire consultants and other service providers who can help you take your project into high gear. Defining your requirements will ensure you get exactly the services you need from the person best-equipped to provide them. Learn how to prepare an accurate RFP, clearly express the distinct outcomes you’re seeking, and evaluate the submissions.

Carolyn Clubine, Healthcare and Non-Profit Management Consultant;
Steve Lough,
Managing Director, Lough Barnes Consulting Group Inc.;
Abdel Al-Sharif,
Consultant, Lough Barnes Consulting Group Inc.;
Craig Newsome,
MMMC Architects;
Bill Krever,
Chief Executive Officer, Victoria Village;
Jennifer Banks,
Administrator, St. Peter’s Residence at Chedoke;
Renee Guder,
Chief Executive Officer, Shalom Village
Design It Right: Requirements and Choices (March 2020)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Ready to get started? Get clear and current information around design choices that support your commitment to service quality, meeting provincial standards, and creating a place residents can call home You’ll learn the vital first steps to a successful cost-efficient project and how to keep it that way.

Andrew Rodrigues, Senior Project Manager, Colliers Project Leaders;
Surya Pulickal,
Senior Advisor, Colliers Project Leaders;
Barbara Miszkiel,
Director of Health, Canada, HDR
Understanding Legal Documents in Construction Development (February 2020)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Before you read the fine print, it’s important to know what to look for. Become familiar with common legal documents and tools to help you understand and work with them. This session is most useful for long term care homes and seniors’ housing providers who are ready to embark on the construction phase of their project.

Karima Kanani, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP;
Drazen Bulat,
Partner, Miller Thomson LLP;
John Goldrick,
Director, Cost Management, Turner & Townsend
Human Resources Law: The Year in Review (January 2020)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Join this popular annual webinar to hear about important developments in human resources law over the past year, and the key trends to think about for 2020. Topics will include an update on: Bill 124, bargaining trends in the LTC sector; cannabis in the workplace; managing addiction and narcotics theft; labour and employment case law update; developments regarding resident abuse; and more!

Andrew Zabrovsky, Partner, Hicks Morley;
Sarah IaconisAssociate, Hicks Morley
LTC Bed Applications - Tips and Advice for Developing Proposals (December 2019)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

The January 2020 deadline for the Ministry’s call for LTC bed applications is fast approaching. If your organization is planning to submit, this webinar will give you the advice and guidance you need to make your proposal as strong as possible. 

Eric Hanna, President and CEO, Arnprior Regional Health
Steve Rohacek,
Principal, NOI Financial Inc. 
Strengthening Medication Management - Strategies to Implement LTC Public Inquiry Recommendations (November 2019)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

One of the key recommendations in the final report from the LTC Homes Public Inquiry is the critical need to strengthen medication management systems in homes.

This webinar is part of our education series focused on helping the sector achieve and implement the Inquiry’s recommendations. You will learn about the key components of an effective, evidence-based medication management system and how you can implement this in your home.

Julie Greenall, expert witness at the Inquiry on medication management,
Lend Me the Money: The Ins and Outs of Borrowing for Capital Projects (November 2019)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

You’re underway with your capital development work plan, have a good idea about your timing and funding requirements or are starting to explore them. If debt financing is being considered, it’s time to get ready for the process. This session will walk you through items to consider, including financial feasibility, how to approach lenders, and what they’re looking for from you. It’s an excellent opportunity to bring your questions, to gain skills, knowledge and confidence before heading out into the marketplace or to reconfirm your project parameters.

Doug Shinobu, Managing Director, Greengate Capital Corp.
Reaching Out: Capital Fundraising in the Community (November 2019)

Members: $57 | Non-Members: $83

Funding a capital project through community contributions is a common approach for acquiring the necessary resources. This session will help you evaluate the fundraising potential in your community, assess different fundraising methods, identify who in your community is most likely to have an affinity with your project and learn ways to solicit contributions. Member presenters will share their experiences in raising capital in their communities. 


Dan Keays, Director of Development and Volunteer Coordinator, Foyer Richelieu Welland;
Sean Keays,
Chief Administrative Officer, Foyer Richelieu Welland;
Sarah Ingram,
Founder, The Ingram Group;
Toni Lavigne,
Executive Director, St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation
Getting a Plan: First Steps for Funding a Capital Project (November 2019)

Members: $57 | Non-Members: $83

If your organization is just starting out on a capital project journey, this session is for you. Experienced
practitioners will lay out key considerations and tools to help you craft a plan that is achievable and
aligned with the unique needs of your organization. You’ll learn helpful ways to assess costs and
potential funding sources and get cost containment strategies for controlling the final pricetag.


Carolyn Clubine, Healthcare and Non-Profit Management Consultant, Clubine Consulting (facilitator)
Steve Bryant,
Principal/Broker, CMLS Financial;
Matt Galvin,
Partner, G Architects Inc.;
Jeff Renaud,
Administrator, Ritz Lutheran Villa
Building and Sustaining a Positive Culture through Collaboration (October 2019)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Understand the vital role organizational culture plays in delivering and sustaining excellent care and what leadership can do to cultivate it. 

  • Get tools for assessing the current state of your home’s culture and strategies you can use immediately to effect positive change. 
  • Improve your understanding of how leadership can build positive employee relationships. 
  • Understand the role of staff in a culture development plan 
Jennifer Hesson, Strategy and Business Consultant, Hess Consulting
Strategic Approaches to Collective Bargaining and Employee Relations (October 2019)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Make sure you’ve got the best and most current tools in your toolbox for promoting constructive employee relations, even – and especially -- when the going gets tough. 

Our speakers will lead you through tips and strategies designed to help you and your employees reach the most optimal possible outcome through collective bargaining, arbitration and grievance processes.

Robert Bass, President, Bass Associates Professional Corporation;
Sue Graham-Nutter,
Chief Executive Officer, The Rekai Centres;
Afaf Zaheer, Director,
Human Resources (CHRP pending), The Rekai Centres
Moving Forward: Dealing with Grief and Loss in LTC (October 2019)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Death, grief and loss are a fact of life in long term care homes. This important session will present strategies for a more positive and supportive culture around death that promotes staff resilience and suggest ways to address the different needs of staff, residents and families when dealing with the end of life.

Andrea Ubell, Director, Programs & Client Services, Alzheimer Society of York Region
Taking Care of You: Dealing with Moral Distress and Compassion Fatigue (October 2019)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Take this opportunity to unpack what moral distress and compassion fatigue are all about and how they may manifest in the personal and professional lives of your employees. Learn to identify sources of these stressors and steps to address them in support of your palliative and caregiving teams.

Dr. Leonie Herx, Medical Director of Palliative Care, Kingston Health Sciences Centre; 
Clinical Director of Palliative Care, Providence Care 
Addressing Grievances: The Legal Perspective (September 2019)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Ensure your home has a clear understanding of important legal details around grievances, arbitrations and how to respond to them appropriately while balancing residents’ well-being.

Marc Rodrigue, Associate, Fasken
Avneet Jaswal, Associate, Fasken 
Policies and Best Practices for Employee Hiring, Integration and Termination (September 2019)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Ensure your home is on top of best practices for hiring, onboarding, progressive discipline and termination by signing up today for this webinar tailored to LTC.

Broaden your knowledge from legal, human resources and member home perspectives in this first of a four-part employee relations webinar series.

Andrew Zabrovsky, Partner, Hicks Morley;
Sandra McKenzie,
Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Regional Municipality of York;
Brian Swainson,
Director, Seniors Services, Community and Health Services, Regional Municipality of York
Making Tough Choices: the Ethics of End-of-Life Care (September 2019)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Review common ethical challenges families and LTC staff face related to end-of-life care. Hear solutions to common issues and discuss strategies for managing residents’ wishes, while meeting legal and ethical obligations. 

Peter Allatt, Clinical Ethicist, Peter Allatt Ethics Consulting 
Three Years In: What's Happening with MAID in Ontario? (September 2019)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

With Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) firmly established, this webinar is your chance to hear what’s been learned in the first three years of implementation from the Office of the Chief Coroner. 

Find out what have been the most common compliance issues, get details on the latest reporting regime, review Ontario’s federal reporting requirements and more. This is the second in a five-part webinar series dealing with end-of-life care.

Roxanne Halko, Team Lead (MAID), Office of the Chief Coroner, Ministry of the Solicitor General  
Considering Culture: Delivering Effective and Appropriate Palliative Care (September 2019)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

What brings comfort to a resident at the end of life? For many, honouring cultural, ethnic and religious preferences is an important – and expected – aspect of the end-of-life experience. This webinar, the first in a series, will help you understand ethno-cultural factors that may influence a resident’s and family’s choices and how to sensitively balance these with clinical care needs.

Dr. Amit Arya, Palliative Care Physician, William Osler Health System

Managing Workplace Injuries: Musculoskeletal Disorders (May 2019)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a major source of lost-time workplace injuries and associated costs in the health care sector, representing more than one-third of all such injuries. Understand common MSD hazards in seniors’ care and how to help your workers limit their risk and prevent the onset of MSDs.

Sandra Excellent
, Health and Safety Consultant, Public Services Health and Safety Association
Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace (May 2019)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Everyone needs good mental health to do their best work, including those providing care to seniors. Refresh and enhance your knowledge about the common mental health issues that can affect seniors’ care workers and how your organization can improve mental health in the workplace. Learn the ingredients for creating a workplace culture that reduces stigma and engages and supports workers who may experience mental health challenges.

Olena Chapovalov, Health and Safety Consultant, Public Services Health and Safety Association
Managing Workplace Injuries: Slips, Trips and Falls (April 2019)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

How does your organization stack up when it comes to slips, trips and falls (SLFs) among your workers? Injuries due to SLFs are a leading cause of missed work time in Ontario’s health care sector, and employers are responsible for eliminating hazards leading to them under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Learn about preventative measures your organization can take to reduce the risk as well as what Ministry inspectors look for to ensure legal compliance.

Sherri Bastos, Director of Prevention and Operations, Engagement and Retention, Public Services Health and Safety Association
Jennifer Stanley, Provincial Specialist, Ministry of Labour

Sexuality and Gender Expression in LTC (March 2019)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

LGBTQ2 seniors may fear renewed discrimination when they enter the LTC setting. Understand how to care for LGBTQ2 seniors and accommodate a diversity of sexual and gender expression among residents. We will discuss best practices around creating inclusive spaces and programs in LTC homes and highlight the importance of recognizing intersectionality – when people face more than one type of discrimination, such as ageism and homophobia. This session will also discuss sexual consent, capacity and whether substitute decision makers have a say.

leZlie Lee Kam, Egale Canada

Sexual Behaviour and Physical Intimacy in LTC: Combining Ethical and Clinical Best Practice Principles (February 2019)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Challenge your understanding and biases around human sexuality and intimacy among older adults. Pick up tips and strategies for handling intimacy and sexuality in long term care while remaining regulation-compliant. This session will discuss approaches for assessing sexual behaviour and how to manage the behaviour while meeting legal and clinical obligations. Understanding sexual behaviour among people with dementia will also be discussed.

Dr. Lori Schindel Martin, Associate Professor, Ryerson University 
Andria Bianchi, 
Clinician-Scientist Bioethicist, University Health Network

Ethical and Legal Issues in Financial Elder Abuse (February 2019)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Elder abuse may be explicit, or it may occur more quietly. Get an overview on different types of elder abuse, specifically the legal and ethical issues relating to the financial abuse of older adults, who is at risk and what to look for. We’ll work through case examples, provide assessment tools and practical intervention strategies for long term care homes, discuss responsibilities and barriers to reporting, and highlight current legislation and available provincial resources.

Christine Chan, GTA Regional Consultant, Elder Abuse Ontario

Graham Webb, Lawyer, Executive Director, Advocacy Centre Elderly

Human Resources Law The Year in Review (January 2019)
Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Don’t miss this opportunity to register for this popular annual webinar to hear about important developments in human resources law over the past year, and the key trends to think about for 2019. Topics will include an update on: bargaining trends in the LTC sector; managing the workplace consequences of the legalization of cannabis; the labour and employment impacts of the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018; the impacts of the Police Record Checks Reform Act, 2015 on employers; and more!

> Andrew Zabrovsky, Hicks Morley
> Amanda Cohen, Hicks Morley

Ethical Care When Resources Are Tight (January 2019)

Members: $60 Non-Members: $85

How can homes deliver high quality care when resources and staff are limited? This session will consider how staff and health care professionals can fulfil their ethical duty to help residents achieve their optimal level of health while also facing difficult resource allocation choices. Participants will learn how to balance individual rights with community benefits and pick up strategies for allocating scarce resources.

Jennifer Gibson, Sunlife Financial Chair in Bioethics and Director, University of Toronto
Addressing Challenging Resident and Family Expectations (January 2019)
Members: $60 Non-Members: $85

In this webinar, participants will be taken through common issues such as the scope of the substitute decision maker’s (SDM) authority and disagreements between SDMs, which Power of Attorney for property document should be relied on, advocacy versus abusive behaviour, and respecting a resident’s choices when family members disagree. We’ll discuss the role of family councils and a legal framework for family involvement.

Mary Jane Dykeman, Partner, DDO Health Law

Addictions in the Workplace (April 2018)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

In this webinar learn about the role an employer can or should play in assisting an employee with addictions, such as recreational marijuana, alcohol, drugs and prescription medications.. Understand the mandatory reporting obligations under the Regulated Health Professionals Act and the Fitness to Practice Process. Hear from a lawyer about when termination is appropriate and when there will be a duty to accommodate.

Gerald Griffiths, Lawyer, Sherrard Kuzz LLP

The Right to Manage: The Leaders’ Playbook for Handling Staff Performance Issues and Succeeding in a Unionized Workplace (April 2018)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

“Right to manage” means managers in long term care have the right to exercise their own judgment when it comes to making decisions relative to development of strategic direction, establishing standards, utilization of personnel, the delivery of quality care/service, and the allocation of resources. However, in the world of labour management, this right sometimes comes under fire when the manager makes decisions that conflict with the agendas of unions. In this webinar, participants will learn about the ACT Model of Leadership as well as tested and realistic strategies from the “Leaders Playbook” to help them turn conflict into collaboration without compromising principles.

Steve Mathew, Associate Trainer & Consultant, Silver Meridian

Attendance Management: What to Do When Employees Are Not Coming to Work (March 2018)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Absenteeism can be a major human resource issue in the workplace, especially for long term care homes. In this webinar, learn how to identify innocent versus culpable absenteeism, when and how to ask for medical information, key elements of effective attendance support programs, and how to use incentives, coaching, and discipline to reduce absenteeism.

Gerald Griffiths, Lawyer, Sherrard Kuzz LLP

Best Practices for Conducting Workplace Investigations (March 2018)

Members: $60 | Non-Members: $85

Investigating serious health and safety issues, particularly incidences of workplace violence and harassment is often difficult, uncomfortable and troubling for all parties involved. In this webinar, participants will look at best practices in conducting thorough, unbiased and comprehensive investigations into violence and harassment and how to adapt them to a broader range of workplace health and safety issues. Participants will also understand how to build a foundation for an investigation, roles and responsibilities for those involved with the process, evidence collection procedures, as well as how to conduct interviews and properly document the investigation.

Denise Koster, Workplace Violence and Elder Abuse Specialist, Koster Consulting & Associates

Human Rights Update (March 2018)

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Human rights issues arise on a daily basis in the workplace for long term sector employers and service providers, yet these issues are increasingly more complex and challenging to manage. From harassment complaints, to employee requests for particular forms of accommodation, human rights issues can impact a broad range of workplace matters. As service providers, long term care homes must also consider these ever-evolving issues in the context of potentially discriminatory policies or conduct in the provision of services, the accommodation of client disabilities or other Human Rights Code grounds and accessibility to services.

Amanda Lawrence-Patel, Associate, Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP

Effective Use and Implementation of Employment Policies (February 2018)

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Converting operational strategies and policies to reality is critical to the success of any organization. How a policy is developed and implemented will bear significantly on whether an employee will “buy in” and whether the policy will withstand arbitral scrutiny. This webinar will explore key regulatory policies that are required by legislation from an employment, occupational and safety perspective. Participants will also learn when and how a policy will be found to be enforceable, including a review of examples from the case law such as the “vaccinate or mask” litigation.

Matthew Badrov, Employment & Labour Lawyer, Sherrard Kuzz LLP

Human Resources Law: The Year in Review (January 2018)