Board of Directors 2023-24

Sue Graham-Nutter
Chief Executive Officer,
The Rekai Centres

Chair, Member-at-Large

Steven Harrison
Chief Executive Officer,
Tri-County Mennonite Homes
Vice Chair, Community Sector Representative

William Krever
Chief Executive Officer,
Victoria Village Manor
Treasurer, Region 4 Representative

Jane Sinclair
General Manager, Health and Emergency Services,
The Corporation of the County of Simcoe

Past Chair

Michele Harris

Director of Homes and Seniors Services,
Elgin County

Region 1 Representative

Ada DiFlavio,
Deer Park Villa

Region 2 Representative

Megan Garland
Director, Long Term Care & Senior Services,
County of Bruce

Region 3 Representative

Dwayne Green
Malton Village Long Term Care Centre

Region 5 Representative

Carey Duncan
Director of Long Term Care,
Lanark Lodge

Region 6 Representative

Linda Tracey

Chief Executive Officer,
Marianhill Long Term Care Home

Region 7 Representative

Paul Chatelain
Chief Executive Officer and LTC Administrator,
South Centennial Manor

Region 8 Representative

Tanya Baker
Training, Development and
Quality Improvement Lead
Pioneer Ridge Long Term Care Home

Region 9 Representative

Amy Porteous

Chief Executive Officer,
Maxville Manor

Charitable Sector Representative

Julie Wheeler
Director, Seniors' Services
Regional Municipality of Waterloo,
Sunnyside Seniors' Services

Municipal Sector Representative

Abby Katz Starr
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Unionville Home Society
Housing Sector Representative

Jennifer Cornell

Director of Long Term Care
Corporation of the County of Grey
Member at Large

Lisa Levin

Chief Executive Officer
AdvantAge Ontario