Politicians Face Tough Questions on Seniors’ Care

Toronto, Ontario (April 23, 2018) – Representatives from four political parties came together today in a first-ever multi-stakeholder forum to propose their solutions to improving care and services for seniors, a key election issue.

Liberal MPP Dipika Damerla, PC MPP Bill Walker, NDP MPP Teresa Armstrong, and Green Party representative Valerie Powell shared their thoughts on how each will address the growing and complex needs of Ontario’ seniors. André Picard, Globe and Mail health reporter, facilitated the discussion and posed some tough questions to the group.  

The forum, titled Advancing Senior Care in Ontario, was co-hosted by eight organizations that represent seniors’ care and services: AdvantAge Ontario, Family Councils Ontario, Home Care Ontario, Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils, Ontario Caregiver Coalition, Ontario Community Support Association, Ontario Long-Term Care Association, and Ontario Retirement Communities Association. In the audience were concerned seniors, caregivers, family members, residents, and representatives from home, community, retirement, and long-term care.

“For many years now, seniors’ care has been a growing, critical issue,” says Lisa Levin, AdvantAge Ontario CEO. “With the first baby boomers turning 65 in 2011, we can no longer wait for answers. Today’s forum helps all attendees to see that their vote will have a significant impact in the coming years.”

Seniors’ care and services is a critical issue for many Ontarians in the lead up to the June 7 provincial election. While each party proposed a wide range of solutions at the forum, all four agreed that seniors’ growing needs must continue to be actively addressed and that it’s important for everyone to work together to improve the current system.

“The election is just a few weeks away, and it’s critical that we ensure seniors’ issues remain front and centre on candidates’ radars,” adds Levin. “This first-ever forum is an excellent opportunity for all of us to hear how each political party will, if elected, meet the growing needs of our aging population.”

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