Advocacy Priorities

The trusted voice for senior care.

Ontario’s long term care homes serve an extremely vulnerable population with very complex care needs. Residents and their families rely on the provincial government to ensure that there is capacity in the system to serve the growing number of seniors needing long term care, and that homes have enough staff with the proper training to provide the needed care and resources to create quality, home-like environments. Our member homes, municipal and not-for-profit, are doing the best they can but resident care needs have gone far beyond what can be provided at current funding levels.

AdvantAge Ontario believes investments focused on the following priorities are critical to strengthening the long term care system so that it better serves Ontario’s seniors.

LTC Capacity
  • 2,500-5,000 new beds over the next two years with a minimum of 50% dedicated to NFP providers.

Resident Health and Safety
  • Funding for staffing increases to achieve a provincial average of 4.0 paid hours of direct care per resident per day over the next two years.
  • A minimum increase of 3.9% ($0.33) to the daily food budget to bring it to $8.66 per resident.

Resident Acuity and Responsive Behaviours
  • Dedicated behaviour teams in every LTC home and a minimum of 12 more designated behaviour units

Seniors’ Campuses
  • Large-scale study of existing seniors’ campuses to determine how the province and LHINs can enable their development.
  • Ministry of Housing specifically identify seniors as a priority population for new affordable housing with seniors’ campuses as a stated priority.

Spending Priorities
Capacity Planning