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When the time comes that a senior living in Ontario needs support – whether it is community services, home care, supportive housing or long term care – they should have the comfort of knowing that they can access what they need, when they need it. As a province, that means preparing for and embracing the demographic reality that seniors now outnumber children under 15 and that by 2046, they will represent nearly a quarter of Ontario’s population.

In light of this urgency, the Ontario government has taken a number of positive steps in the last year to start improving seniors’ care and reducing hallway health care.

There is still, however, work to be done. Our long term care system still fails to keep up with demand. Too many people are unable to access the supports they need at home, long term care wait lists have hit a record high, and too many seniors are unnecessarily taking up hospital beds while those with acute needs are treated in hallways.

AdvantAge Ontario and our community-based charitable, municipal and not-for-profit members remain committed to working with this government to improve the health care system for our aging population. Read our submissions below to learn more about how we're taking action to improve care for seniors.

Stabilizing Seniors’ Care in Ontario: Investing in Critical System Supports (2023-24 Provincial Budget Submission)

Capacity Planning

Federal Pre-Budget Submission 2023-24