Campuses of Care

Campuses are a “made-in-Ontario” solution that matches local needs to local resources.

Campuses of care, where a continuum of community support services, housing options and LTC home beds can be “co-located” close to each other and to the people who need them most, are a proven means of supporting aging populations and sustaining health care systems. 

The following brief, commissioned by AdvantAge Ontario, details the practice and promise of campuses of care. It is designed for readers, including policy-makers and providers, who need to know the basics of campus design and operation as well as the opportunities that campuses offer for health system change and transformation in a period of rising challenges.

Campuses of Care: Supporting People, Sustaining Care Systems in Ontario
Executive Brief

Additional Research

Research Article: Seniors’ Campus Continuums: Local Solutions for Broad Spectrum Seniors Care (Published January 20, 2021)